The Principles of Technology Integration

Before you can successfully integrate technology into a lesson, four (4) principles must be observed.

  1. Students should be actively involved in using the technology, not just the teacher.
    • You need to ask yourself who is using the technology. if it’s the teacher, then you have made the wrong choice.
    • The technology should promote active students learning. Your students should be adequately engaged by the technology.

  2. Technology must be an essential aspect of the learning activity and not just a peripheral.
    • Are you using the technology as a mere add-on? Was it included for mere convenience? 
    • Whichever technology tool you choose to employ should be an integral part of and also enhance the lesson.

  3. The focus must be placed on the learning task and not the technology used.
    • Are your students already familiar with the technology being used? Will it take more time for them to learn how to use it as opposed to working with it?
    • The technology should be seemly integrated so that it does not hinder the lesson being taught. 
    • It should serve as a tool to help the learning activity and not be a learning activity in itself.

  4. The technology should be used to facilitate learning activities that would have been otherwise difficult to accomplish without it.
    • Do you think the task could have been accomplished much easier if the technology was not used? Do it add any value to the lesson? if you answer negatively to these questions then you have made another wrong choice.
    • Technology properly integrated should aid the lesson in such a way that it could not have been completed otherwise.

What do you think about these principles?

As a teacher have you paid attention to them while planning your lesson?

As a student have you noticed any of them while engaging in a technologically integrated lesson?


One Reply to “The Principles of Technology Integration”

  1. Educators should take these Principles into account, when integrating technology into their lessons. When persons are planning a lesson they tend to focus on the technology most times and then the lesson loses its effectiveness.. these principles are ideal … i will take these into consideration when i am planning my lesson.

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