Technology Integration

Technology Integration is achieved when students are properly guided through the process of selecting appropriate tools that can be used to enhance their learning experience. This process should be facilitated and guided by a teacher.


It is essential to understand the principle of technology integration as it will allow the teacher to select the most appropriate and effective tools that will provide meaningful benefits to the content being taught. Teachers should focus on who their students are and what will adequately engage their interests. They should also investigate whether or not use of the tool will do more harm than good to the students, the wrong choice may hinder their learning instead of enhancing it. The tool should also aid learning and not overshadow it, students should not be too focused on the on the tools itself and miss the content.


One Reply to “Technology Integration”

  1. Technology is such an integral part of everyday life, therefore it is becoming increasingly crucial for technology to be integrated into the learning process, from the ground up.
    A recent investigation by The Supply Desk found that almost 1/4 of people think that teachers should be more invested in technology.

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